NovuHealth Member Satisfaction Solution

Healthcare, we have a problem: Engaging consumers

Many industries use the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a benchmark for measuring customer satisfaction. Compared to other consumer services like supermarkets, retailers and banks, health plans have historically scored low. In fact, they’ve only recently surpassed utilities and cable providers. Consumer satisfaction matters to plans because healthcare consumers, especially in the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid markets, have more choice than ever before. They also have more information than ever before, and they’re using it to shop around for the plan that best meets their needs.  

Each year, approximately 10% of Medicare Advantage members churn—or voluntarily choose to leave their health plan due to dissatisfaction with things like provider access or program benefits.* *Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2016

In Medicaid, where churn is largely due to eligibility fluctuations, one study found that 43% of adults and 26% of children were disenrolled within 12 months.* *Source: Sommers BD, 2008

Introducing NovuHealth’s Member Satisfaction Solution

NovuHealth’s Member Satisfaction Solution uses proprietary propensity modeling to proactively determine members’ likelihood to churn. We then help plans connect those members with relevant programs and benefits—increasing the level of “stickiness” between member and plan and enhancing overall member satisfaction.  

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, NovuHealth identifies members’ likelihood to churn and engages them in the activities that can enhance satisfaction.

Benefits of NovuHealth’s approach

Identify members’ likelihood to churn.

Often, plans don’t know which members are likely to leave, so they don’t know where to focus their limited resources. Using our proprietary propensity modeling, we can determine your members’ likelihood to churn and engage them with relevant activities based on their individual needs.

Deliver a personalized experience.

Consumers today expect a tailored, high-touch experience from every brand/service they interact with, and health plans are no different. We can help you enhance the member engagement experience—from preferred channels to relevant content to applicable activities—so members feel uniquely seen and understood.

Build stronger member relationships.

By creating more meaningful connections with members, NovuHealth’s Member Satisfaction Solution helps drive deeper engagement with plan programs and benefits, enhancing member satisfaction and increasing the likelihood they stay.

Improving member satisfaction while impacting the bottom line

Our solution helped one health plan decrease their attrition rate by 42%, decrease their member acquisition costs by 40%, and retain $16.8 million in revenue.  


Decrease in attrition rate


Decrease in member acquisition costs


$16.8 million in revenue retained

To learn more about NovuHealth’s Member Satisfaction Solution, schedule a quick chat with one of our solutions experts.