NovuHealth Risk Adjustment Solution

The proactive way to uncover new revenue potential.

Other risk adjustment solutions focus on time-consuming chart-chasing, costly in-home visits or resort to uncovering gaps in existing claims data, but they can’t drive any new revenue potential. The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is already over. The coding is already done.

What if, instead of being reactive, you could be proactive? What if you could drive more members to provider visits? What if you could foster more productive conversations between members and their physicians, increasing the likelihood they get coded accurately in the first place?


Introducing NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution

Our Risk Adjustment Solution represents a fundamental shift in how health plans capture risk adjustment revenue. By motivating members to visit their providers and arming them with valuable information, we can facilitate more productive AWVs—which helps reduce unknown risk and drive more timely, accurate coding. See below how our strategy compares to the traditional.

Chart-chasing and in-home visits can be time-consuming and costly.

The process to conduct retrospective chart reviews is lengthy and has a high risk of errors, while in-home visits require member consent and follow-up.

Data vendors mine data reactively and can have limited effectiveness.

This approach is limited to finding uncoded claims in the data that already exists. It doesn’t drive new members to their AWVs, nor does it help improve the contact members have with their physicians to ensure risk is accurately identified and captured.

NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution proactively engages members from the start.

NovuHealth’s solution motivates members to visit their providers and arms them with valuable information about their health—which helps reduce unknown risk and drive more timely, accurate coding.

Current risk adjustment methods are
often costly and time-consuming.


NovuHealth’s approach empowers members to take an active role in
their health.

Benefits of NovuHealth’s approach


Enhance your odds of getting more members coded with greater accuracy.

NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution uses proven engagement strategies to drive members to their Annual Wellness Visit, where we help facilitate a more productive conversation with their physician, driving more complete and accurate coding.

Improve member care and influence positive outcomes.

With a clearer picture of member health, plans can provide appropriate interventions in a timely manner, helping improve member care and health outcomes.

Build stronger member relationships.

NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution helps foster trust by creating opportunities for positive interactions across multiple touchpoints and empowering members to proactively engage in their own care.

To learn more about NovuHealth’s Risk Adjustment Solution, schedule a quick chat with one of our solutions experts.