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Health Care Engagement Academy

Driving High-Value Behaviors 101

We find that engagement works best when applied to high-value behaviors. Get the rundown on finding the sweet spot on achieving member outcomes that affect quality scores.

Compliance 101

Our in-house compliance team keeps a close eye on the changing policy landscape. Here’s the latest on how engagement fits in.

Data Sciences 101

The best engagement programs are built on data. See how we use data science to inform every step in our strategies.

Case Studies

NovuHealth's secret sauce: Improving Medicare performance with incentive strategies

NovuHealth worked alongside a large Medicare Advantage plan to close gaps in care among members with diabetes and reach a 4-Star rating.

The ultimate health engagement feat: Reaching hard-to-reach Medicaid members

NovuHealth drives continuous member engagement among the right member populations, so Medicaid plans can cost-effectively impact behavior.

Too late to launch a member engagement program? Not with NovuHealth

In late 2016, NovuHealth partnered with a leading Medicare Advantage health plan to improve Star measure performance by the end of the year and lay the foundation for an ongoing member loyalty program.

How to increase health care satisfaction rates with intelligent member engagement

Our data shows intelligent member engagement strategies can singlehandedly reduce churn rate by at least half in the short-term—and increase retention by even more over the long-term.

Medicare members and technology: Digital engagement that works

Medicare members may not use technology like Millennials do, but they are online—and engaging them in digital rewards programs and wellness tools is entirely possible.

Member engagement and consumer satisfaction: How NovuHealth impacts CAHPS and HOS scores

After launching a NovuHealth engagement program, a large Medicare Advantage plan saw significant lift in member satisfaction scores like NPS—which correlate to CAHPS and HOS scores—as well as retention and overall brand perception.

White Papers

Medicaid rewards and engagement programs to activate hard-to-reach members

Learn the five elements of a successful engagement program specifically designed to activate high-value behaviors in the Medicaid market.

Investing in member engagement

Position your Medicare Advantage plan for long-term success through rewards and incentives.

Rewards and incentive programs to drive healthy outcomes

Learn how to build rewards and incentives programs to engage Medicare and Medicaid members and improve quality ratings.


How to design an intelligent member engagement program

Leverage consumer loyalty best practices to design a uniquely effective health care engagement program.

Meaningful rewards & engagement programs that improve health and drive plan performance.

Dive into industry news, learn more about our industry-leading solutions and get NovuHealth updates.