At NovuHealth, we believe that health care should be centered around the consumer. That’s why our partnership with Community Health Choice, a Texas-based health plan, works so well—we share the same belief in empowering patients to achieve better health.

In fact, Community Health Choice recently shared more about our work together in an article with PatientEngagementHIT. Discussing how NovuHealth’s rewards and engagement program enables them to promote wellness and self-care within their diabetic population—while simultaneously improving the patient experience—Community Health Choice emphasized that their mission to serve the community goes hand-in-hand with our work to actively engage members to improve health outcomes.

Here’s a preview of the article:

“Community Health Choice began as a medical care group working to make health care cheaper and more accessible for children in Texas’ Harris County. Today, the organization works with various underserved Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP patients to achieve better health at a lower price point.

That mission fueled Community Health Choice’s diabetes management program. Using NovuHealth, a technology vendor that uses a points-earning retail model for chronic care management, Community Health Choice has been able to promote wellness and self-care within their diabetic population.

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“We noticed that we have a large population of members with diabetes and many of them are primarily marketplace, and have no experience with insurance previously, nor have they received constant health care,” Ann Engelhorn, RN, Community Health Choice’s leader for disease and care management, explained in an interview with “In order to motivate patients and to incentivize them to get the care that they need, we began a wellness incentives project.”

The tool allows patients to earn points for completing certain wellness behaviors. When the patient successfully measures her sugars or meets another key diabetes management benchmark, she earns points. Once she meets a certain points threshold, she earns a gift card she can use in various retailers in the community, such as a Walmart or a CVS.

The beauty of the program is that patients can use those gift cards to purchase medical supplies that will help them with their at-home chronic care management, Pam Hanson, the director of marketing and outreach at Community Health Choice, said in the same interview.

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Additionally, the tool can seamlessly plug into the other technologies that Community Health Choice uses. In fact, Hanson added, the tool relies on data from the health record to successfully identify high-risk patients.

“We look for any claim data that may have certain diagnosis codes,” Hanson explained. “That information is sent to the tool, which in turn uploads the information onto the rewards program. From there, we send a kit to patients that allows them to sign up through mail, email, online, through the phone. Once all information is uploaded, it’s up to the patient to go to the doctor and attest that they went to the doctor, and attest to other rewards they can earn.”

The incentive program is embedded right in the members’ patient portals, Hanson explained. While patients use the portal for making payments, scheduling appointments, or looking at claim information, they can also take a look at their progress with the incentive program. This was key to integrating the incentive program into Community Health Clinic’s brand.”

Click below to see the full article, “How chronic disease management programs support patient experience,” for more on our partnership with Community Health Choice.

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